Ablade of grass brian patten essay

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My daughter just just moved into her first house so I gave her my my older model that was going into its 8th Year of service. Still looks great, runs flawlessly, and cuts like new. She loves the adjustable and smooth "thumb" speed control and the 4-in-1 Versamow system that lets her determine how much to mulch and/or bag. To replace my older HRX I looked/tested several other brands at lower prices to replace it but none compared to the quality, features and ease of use I have experienced with this Honda equipment. I still have/use a Honda riding mower model 4514 hydrostatic trans with liquid cooled engine that runs, mows and still looks better than many comparable riders on the market today. I am just sold on the quality of all the Honda products I have owned. If you do the recommended simple routine maintenance (monitor and change the oil per the owners manual, keep air filter clean/replace as needed, inspect/service the spark plug and keep the blades sharp it may be the only push mower you will ever have to buy! On top of that all the maintenance mentioned is very simple to perform.

Great article. I live in North East El Paso TX and had Bermuda grass put in as sod in 2012, I believe (it’s Oct 2016). It grows like crazy! I have a large sanded area in my yard where we HAD an above ground pool. Now that it’s been gone for about 2 years trying to keep the grass out of there is a nightmare. I would just let it go, but I don’t have a sprinkler system over in that area. I used to have the mower this article suggests to cut the grass, but because my yard is soo uneven the wheels would get stuck in the low spots making it extremely difficult to push. I got a traditional mower for ease of pushing, but unfortunately it does scalp it now in some places. The last few springs I’ve been adding bags of topsoil to fill in the low spots, can’t say it’s really helped, but eventually hopefully it will and I can start using the better grass cutter again with success. The grass looks really horrible after topsoil has been added, but fills in within 2 weeks and is super green and beautiful. Mid March it starts greening up and I have the kids go over it with an aerator before adding topsoil (it’s fun as long as we take turns). I water every 3Rd evening or early morning (like 3am) for about 5-8 mins per zone (I have 3). In my yard if my grass needs more water it begins turning a shiny silvery color so I adjust how often before I change the length of time. I also have loamy soil. Last winter was the first winter I did not water at all and saw no change in the summer grass, so I will likely do the same this winter. We also have a trampoline that has to be moved a lot because despite this being a sun-loving grass the grass grows at a very fast rate under the trampoline. I actually move the trampoline over spots that don’t seem to be thickening up as well as the rest and within a week it’s thicker than the rest so I move the trampoline and cut the grass and it looks fantastic. Whew, I hope that this was a little help full to anyone from El Paso or similar wondering if this grass was a good choice.

Ablade of grass brian patten essay

a blade of grass brian patten essay


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