Air war college research papers

Although debunking several of the myths, both positive and negative, Haulman concluded that, "If they did not demonstrate that they were far superior to the members of the six non-black fighter escort groups of the Fifteenth Air Force with which they served, they certainly demonstrated that they were not inferior to them, either. Moreover, they began at a line farther back, overcoming many more obstacles on the way to combat … Their exemplary performance opened the door for the racial integration of the military services, beginning with the Air Force, and contributed ultimately to the end of racial segregation the United States."

Providing Comprehensive Data on Education — AIR experts have contributed to the development of national and international statistics about education that inform the discussion and planning of decision-makers at national, state, and local levels. Our work includes survey and assessment design, the development of questionnaires and test items, incentive and informational materials, data editing and imputation specifications and data products. AIR produces the National Center for Education Statistics’ annual flagship report, The Condition of Education, as well as the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL), the Schools and Staffing Survey, and the Digest of Education Statistics, the nation’s most authoritative and comprehensive compilation of statistical information about education in the United States.

Air war college research papers

air war college research papers


air war college research papersair war college research papersair war college research papersair war college research papers