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In order to make these arguments, the article relies on a number of assumptions, which will be examined. Perhaps the most common assumption is that the very small and select group interviewed is representative of all skip dippers in Australia. The article acknowledges that only people for whom skip dipping was at least in part politically motivated, were interviewed, therefore leaving out people who skip dip solely for economic reasons. These people may be much more numerous than their politically motivated counterparts and they may well fit the stereotype of being mostly young and poor. In this same vein, the article assumes that the small group of respondents, and the numbers indicated on the websites used in research, are indicative of a growing trend. The article claims that the website of the dumpster diving meet-up group in New York ‘boasts’ a membership of 194, but it would be difficult to argue that 194 people, in a city of millions, constituted a growing trend.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court released orders from the October 6 conference. The court set two original-jurisdiction cases on its docket, Texas v. New Mexico  and Florida v. Georgia , for oral argument “in due course.” The court also called for the views of the solicitor general in Apple v. Pepper . The court heard oral argument in Hamer v. Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago  on Tuesday and in National Association of Manufacturers v. Department of Defense  and Jesner v. Arab Bank  on Wednesday. The calendar for the October sitting is available on the court's website . On Friday the justices will meet for their October 13 conference; our list of "petitions to watch" for that conference is available at this link .

Analysis of argument essay example

analysis of argument essay example


analysis of argument essay exampleanalysis of argument essay exampleanalysis of argument essay exampleanalysis of argument essay example