Appendix essays example

Google Images also may be helpful, although the way Google ranks what it finds means that you are as likely to get a picture from someone's blog about a trip to Europe as a good picture of a work of art.  If you are working on a particular artist or a particular subject represented in art, you often will be better off starting with , which provides links to many different sources of reproductions, including museum websites and commercial databases.  Another major repository of reproductions of works of art is ARTSTOR , which is a subscriber-only database. Because of copyright restrictions, reproductions of modern art are much harder to find.  For them, the best way to begin is to do a Google search or check . 

Wal-Mart does not need to worry about the threat of new entrants because they can use economies of scale in which its cost of production can be spread over the units of produced goods hence it declines as the volume increase (Quickmba, 2005). The company has been growing very fast thus leaving less room for new competitors. The fiscal year ending 2011, the company has planned to open 45 to 55 new discount stores and 200 to 210 new supercenters domestically. The company also plans to open or expand 120-130 units in existing markets so as to become a global place. Its sales has increased 1t % in 2011 hence potential competitors in this market will have to act quickly so as to have a strong business strategy to enter the Wal-Mart dominated market. Also, Wal-Mart possesses strong strategies like technology, strong brand identification, customer loyalty so as to make its customers stay focused.

Appendix essays example

appendix essays example


appendix essays exampleappendix essays exampleappendix essays exampleappendix essays example