Attitudes toward aging essay

With aging, it is not surprising that public expenditures on pensions and health care are generally projected to increase as a share of gross domestic product (GDP). Increases in pension expenditures are principally driven by aging. In response, many countries have implemented reforms, such as a rise in the retirement age, designed to decelerate the rate of increase. Nonetheless, public pension expenditures are expected to consume about 15% of GDP by 2050 in several European countries. Pension expenditures in the . are projected to increase by less, from % of GDP in 2010 to % in 2050.

The "Art of Aging" covers three main areas of aging:
Episode 1: Bones and Brains Episode 2: Sexuality, Menopause, Andropause Episode 3: Caregiving, Community, Diabetes.

"A new generation of maturing adults has a chance to learn from poor health practices of the past. Obesity, lack of exercise and mental stagnation have been some of the culprits of unhealthy aging in the recent past. Now, new research promises more effective strategies for aging well. The role of physical activity, maintaining strong bones and engaging in social and intellectual interactions top the to do list for upcoming generations."

Attitudes toward aging essay

attitudes toward aging essay


attitudes toward aging essayattitudes toward aging essayattitudes toward aging essayattitudes toward aging essay