Creationism in public schools research paper

Progressive creationist and astrophysicist Hugh Ross adheres to a literal translation of Genesis 1 and 2 and holds to the principle that "Scripture interprets Scripture” to shed light on the context of the Creation account. [21] Using this principle, Progressive Creationist Alan Hayward cites Hebrews 4, which discusses in the context of the creation story, a continued Seventh Day of creation. [22] Ross ties this literal view of a lengthy seventh day to the Creation account in which he describes the Hebrew word "yom" to have multiple translation possibilities, ranging from 24 hours, year, time, age, or eternity/always. [23] Ross contends that at the end of each Genesis "day", with the exception of the seventh "day", the phrase, “…and there was evening and there was morning,” is used to put a terminus to each event. [24] The omission of that phrase on the Seventh Day, is in harmony with the literal translation of Hebrews 4’s continuing Seventh Day. [25] From a theological perspective, Robert Newman addresses a problem with this particular model of lengthy Genesis days, in that it puts physical plant and animal death before the fall of Man, which according to most Young Earth creationism is considered unscriptural. Old Earth creationists interpret death due to the fall of man as spiritual death specifically related to the context of man himself. Another problem with Progressive Creationism is due to the complicated nature of a model that arises from an attempt not to favor science over Scripture and vice versa, potentially angering both schools of thought with this compromise. [26] However, progressive creationists would argue that science and scripture are not conflicting, but rather supporting each other, as opposed to the beliefs of both young-earth creationism and atheism, which more frequently hold the scripture vs. science ideology.

If you still have teachers that tell you gill slits and the hind limb bones in whales are vestigial, they are lying to you. They are not slits but folds of skin that have nothing to do with breathing. I have friends that have several of those folds of skin on their chin, and they can’t breath through any of them but the top one.
The so-called hind limb bones in whales are not connected to the vertebral column, nor is there any evidence they ever were. If they tell you they are useless vestiges that serve no function, maybe they aren’t really lying, they just don’t know very much about whale anatomy. These bones are organ anchors. The whales cannot reproduce without them.
You have probably been taught that our tailbone is a useless vestigial organ also. Don’t have the surgery to have it removed, you have nine muscle groups attached to it, and you’ll find out within 24 hours why you needed it.
You probably still believe in those pictures of all those fetuses from different life forms that look so much alike in the early stages. Those were proven to fraudulent over 100 years ago. The actual fetuses don’t look anything like that. Sorry to confuse you folks with facts. There are many more such distorted “facts” in the textbooks. Too bad they aren’t required to be accurate.

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Creationism in public schools research paper

creationism in public schools research paper


creationism in public schools research papercreationism in public schools research papercreationism in public schools research papercreationism in public schools research paper