Critical thinking definition essay

Critical thinking also intersects with debates about assessment and how schools should measure learning acquisition. For example, multiple-choice testing formats have been common in standardized testing for decades, yet the heavy use of such testing formats emphasizes—and may reinforce the importance of—factual retention and recall over other skills. If schools largely test and award grades for factual recall, teachers will therefore stress memorization and recall in their teaching, possibly at the expense of skills such as critical thinking that are vitally important for students to possess but far more challenging to measure accurately.

I liked Tom’s reference to the rest of the iceberg of critical thinking. Many people are confused by creative and critical thinking or see them as being exclusive. I was very pleased to come across a blog entry that understands their interdependence. I think one of the hardest components of critical thinking is the analysis. The part where you are trying to understand what is going on WITHOUT drawing any judgments. If you can do this well, your judgments about what is relevant or accurate or important or whatever will be much more complete.

Critical thinking definition essay

critical thinking definition essay


critical thinking definition essaycritical thinking definition essaycritical thinking definition essaycritical thinking definition essay