Essay money's not everything in life

Finally releasing his sore chin she sat up again with her knees still painfully pinning Bobbi's arms to the floor and looked down on her sniveling wimpy brother revealing in her "GIRL POWER." Completely ignoring his repeated pleas for release from her crushing knees she growled, "listen sissy, you've been a complete jerk my whole life, picking on me since I can remember, your stupid pranks and endless bullying when we were younger, well, I have got a news flash for you my pantywaist brother, the shoes on the other foot now and payback hasn't even gonna rue the day you messed with me preemie boy. Your days of embarrassment and humiliation are just getting started, beginning with how much fun I'm going to have listening to you explain how your little sister kicked your ass to everyone at school and Mom for that matter. You can bet your ass sweet sissy that as soon as I do let you up, I'll be straight on the phone to spread the exciting news."

I've wanted to get this SCP number for years and years. Ever since I started writing seriously for the Foundation. When the contest came around, I couldn't think of anything, and started writing any science fiction concept I could get. That ended up becoming SCP-2082. I eventually got the idea of doing a mashup of MK-Ultra, Polybius, and about a half dozen other urban legends. The ending result is an SCP which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but has a lot of interesting details and raises a lot of questions. I'd go through and clean it up, but it's at a stable rating and frankly I'm not sure what's going on and I don't know if editing stuff would make it better or ruin it forever.

Essay money's not everything in life

essay money's not everything in life


essay money's not everything in lifeessay money's not everything in lifeessay money's not everything in lifeessay money's not everything in life