Funniest college essays

I’ve been out of college 6 years and yes, a . is completely vague and useless and doesn’t teach you “how to do something” (unless we’re talking nursing). After getting a Business Administration Bachelor’s I still had to go learn a skill so I could tell someone “I know how to do THIS.” The only people I see who do well with a Bachelor’s are pretty boys with Blagojevich haircuts who sell real estate or work at banks pushing papers or something. They do not possess a marketable skill and therefore have to rely on thier cute smiles and schmoozing people to substitute hard, honest work. We’ve forgotten how to roll up our sleeves and go give it 8 hours in the .

Beginning in the second season, Mae Whitman plays Ann Veal , George Michael's sternly Christian girlfriend, often forgotten or disparaged by Michael. [44] Ann was first played by Alessandra Torresani , and first appeared in the season 1 episode " Let 'Em Eat Cake ". Gob's girlfriend Marta Estrella, who eventually reciprocates Michael's infatuation with her and ends up causing conflict between the two brothers, was originally played by Leonor Varela and later by Patricia Velasquez . [47] J. Walter Weatherman ( Steve Ryan ), a one-armed amputee, is an old employee of George Sr.; Weatherman appears in flashbacks in several episodes where, as hired by George Sr., he would teach the Bluth children lessons by participating in staged accidents where he would "lose" his (prosthetic) arm. [44]

Funniest college essays

funniest college essays


funniest college essaysfunniest college essaysfunniest college essaysfunniest college essays