Funny things to write about for an essay

I never know what to say in front of my friend now it use to be fine and I had that small group of close and reliable friends now there lots of people I’m friends with but I’m like the third will because I’m socially awkward it’s only happened recently and Ive lost my closest friend coz of how clingy I was and now my longest friend is gradually going away. They are nice to me an al but I just get left out and I want to build back up my confidence. At the moment I have my family and my mum is very helpful and tells me not to be like that and try’s building my confidence but when I’m with my family I don’t care what anyone thinks and they laugh at me and that.

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I went to the doctor. He x-rayed my head.
He stared for a moment and here’s what he said.
“It looks like you’ve got a banana in there,
an apple, an orange, a peach, and a pear.
I also see something that looks like a shoe,
a plate of spaghetti, some fake doggy doo,
an airplane, an arrow, a barrel, a chair,
a salmon, a camera, some old underwear,
a penny, a pickle, a pencil, a pen,
a hairy canary, a hammer, a hen,
a whistle, a thistle, a missile, a duck,
an icicle, bicycle, tricycle, truck.
with all of the junk that you have in your head
it’s kind of amazing you got out of bed.
The good news, at least, is you shouldn’t feel pain.
From what I can see here you don’t have a brain.”

Funny things to write about for an essay

funny things to write about for an essay


funny things to write about for an essayfunny things to write about for an essayfunny things to write about for an essayfunny things to write about for an essay