If i were a taxi driver essay

"I am really pleased with the service provided by The Blue Lamp Trust including your very prompt briefings and updates and of the examiner Mr Michael Bolton. The booking process was very straightforward and very quick. Mr. Bolton contacted me very quickly and arranged a date very soon after the booking.

I honestly could not ask for anymore or any change in the procedure. The service all round was a high excellent service and excellent initiative for public safety. I would recommend The Blue Lamp Trust. Thank you to yourselves and Mr Bolton."
Mr Vickers from Morecambe

Travis Bickle ( Robert De Niro ) buys an Astra Constable for $150 from "Easy Andy", who not only mistakenly refers to it as a ".380 Walther", but also claims that "during World War II, they used this gun to replace the Walther P38 pistol. Just gave it out to officers" and claims it can hold eight rounds in the "clip" (meaning magazine). This is the only handgun Travis buys that he doesn't keep in any sort of holster, choosing instead to tuck it in the waistband of the small of his back. He hands it to the grocery store owner ( Victor Argo ) after killing the robber with it. In a continuity error, this is seen as a Walther PPK (most likely the actual weapon Andy was referring to) when Travis is putting it down at the range.

The camera cuts to a front fender view of his Checker cab cruising the seedy, slick, wet, night streets past a movie theatre marquee advertising The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and Return of the Dragon - also a view of Clint Eastwood's The Eiger Sanction ). Delis, arcades, and streets filled with drifters, pimps, drug dealers and prostitutes hypnotically pass by as he transports lost souls from place to place. [The bright lights marquees and the plentiful sidewalk sex symbolically show the delicate balance between violence and promiscuous sex that he must drive through.]

If i were a taxi driver essay

if i were a taxi driver essay


if i were a taxi driver essayif i were a taxi driver essayif i were a taxi driver essayif i were a taxi driver essay