Interesting topic for thesis

2. re: Quora. Yes, lots of useful questions. But also a lot of useless questions — questions that, it would appear, someone (at Quora) came up with just to come up with some questions… ANY questions. Questions that are so vague as to be nearly meaningless (or, could mean anything). Questions that it is hard to imagine an intelligent person actually asking. Like: “What do vitamins do in the body?”. OK, that’s a valid question… for a kid in fifth grade, perhaps. All I’m saying is that Quora questions need to be screened, leaving aside the ones for idiots or (understandably ignorant) young children.

The purpose of life is to find your own purpose. Some of us choose to believe in themselves, in science, in the principle of universal morality. God is not the answer. Blind faith is more harmful than argumented disbelief. And please, marriage, being a good citizen, paying taxes and working – that’s what society wants you to do. Its sole purpose is to perpetuate itself, and following these directives only makes you forget about your own individuality. I’m not trying to prone anarchy or atheism. But I really believe that people should discover what’s good and what’s bad by themselves, that they should create their own ethics and find their own goals without turning into brainwashed, obedient, myth-worshipping and expendable robots.

Interesting topic for thesis

interesting topic for thesis


interesting topic for thesisinteresting topic for thesisinteresting topic for thesisinteresting topic for thesis