Macbeth play review essay

I might as well be honest and say it is impossible to watch certain scenes without thinking of the Charles Manson case. It is impossible to watch a film directed by Roman Polanski and not react on more than one level to such images as a baby being "untimely ripped from his mother's womb." Indeed, Polanski adds his own grim conclusion after Shakespeare's, with a final scene in which Malcolm, now crowned king, goes to consult the same witches who deceived Macbeth. Polanski's characters resemble Charles Manson: They are anti-intellectual, witless, and driven by deep, shameful wells of lust and violence.

Polanski’s interpretation of Macbeth is primarily based around ideas of rapid change, the cyclic world, violence, greed and power. Such themes were very prominent issues in society in the early nineteen seventies. Therefore they not only influenced his interpretation of the film, but also the audience that wit would appeal to. For example, the portrayal of lady Macbeth as such a dominating and sexual person can be viewed as a reflection of the women’s liberation movement occurring at the time. These values and attitudes that Polanski utilizes in his portrayal of Shakespeare’s Macbeth are still relevant in today’s society. As s global society were are still experiencing rapid change as part of the technological revolution. Greed, violence and power continue to be the root of all disruption in the world and the cycle of unrest continues.

Macbeth play review essay

macbeth play review essay


macbeth play review essaymacbeth play review essaymacbeth play review essaymacbeth play review essay