Msc thesis in computer engineering

I found the key skills aspect of the course very beneficial for my CV in applying for PhD studentships. It provided me with greater confidence in going into interviews knowing that I had the skills necessary to undertake a PhD as well as the theoretical understanding. The taught aspect of the course was very rewarding as together with the small size of our course we were able to discuss issues and theories in a relaxed environment gaining greater understanding. The 6th month research project was also very useful as it allowed me to explore a new area of research and provided me with the platform on which to attempt a PhD. I am now going to do a PhD in Edinburgh, studying sexual conflict in seed bugs, and combining lab work in winter with field work in Italy in summer. If you think that you want to do a PhD but would like to explore more biology first to gain a broader foundation, I thoroughly recommend doing an MSc.

On completing this course, you will be equipped with specialist skills to find careers within the architectural and planning professions. You will obtain professional, legal, craft, management and administration skills relevant to historic building conservation. In addition, you’ll develop historical and technical knowledge, and understand research methodologies applicable to conservation.

The creative skills, professional competencies and expansive learning environment that we provide has also led graduates into a range of careers in marketing, advertising, journalism, virtual design and modelling through to people-centred careers such as project management.

Alternatively, you can choose to continue your studies to PhD level.

Double degree MSc in Business Information Systems, FHNW
The interdisciplinary double degree with the Master of Science in Business Information Systems FHNW is an opportunity for students who have already learned about managing in the sharing economy and digital future but want to actively shape the digital transformation of their enterprises. Two additional semesters to complete the double degree.

Double degree Master of Business Administration, or Master of International Business, or Master of Management at University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
One additional semester to complete the double degree at the University of Sunshine Coast.

Msc thesis in computer engineering

msc thesis in computer engineering


msc thesis in computer engineeringmsc thesis in computer engineeringmsc thesis in computer engineeringmsc thesis in computer engineering