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National Punctuation Day [9] was established in August 2004 by professional speaker Jeff Rubin. As of September 2013, the annual event has more than 700 likes on Facebook. [10] Inspired by errors in newspapers and magazines, fans have submitted photos of signs with improper punctuation [11] to the site since its inception. In 2006, the holiday was moved to September 24th and has since been featured on dozens of sites for local news, magazines and mainstream news. [12] In the early 2000s, the holiday was added to Chase’s Calendar of Events [13] , an authoritative source on observances created in 1957.

One CBD catalog describes Kittel’s work as “the best New Testament dictionary ever completed… Every serious Greek student dreams of owning a set.” I, for one, do not dream of owning Kittel’s work. I dream of something else. I dream of seeing Christians rid themselves of the influence of their Jew-hating, Torah-hating forefathers of the faith. I dream of the day when such dividing walls will be brought down, and when Christians will embrace the Torah, and Jews will embrace their Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth. Then Christians and Jews can embrace one another and become one people: a people who honor both the Messiah and the Torah.

Key developments in international neo-Nazism during this time include the radicalisation of the Vlaamse Militanten Orde under former Hitler Youth member Bert Eriksson . They began hosting an annual conference; the "Iron Pilgrimage"; at Diksmuide , which drew kindred ideologues from across Europe and beyond. As well as this, the NSDAP/AO under Gary Lauck arose in the United States in 1972 and challenged the international influence of the Rockwellite WUNS. Lauck's organisation drew support from the National Socialist Movement of Denmark of Povl Riis-Knudsen and various German and Austrian figures who felt that the "National Democratic" parties were too bourgeois and insufficiently National Socialist in orientation. This included Michael Kühnen , Christian Worch , Bela Ewald Althans and Gottfried Küssel of the 1977-founded ANS/NS which called for the establishment of a Germanic Fourth Reich . Some ANS/NS members were imprisoned for planning paramilitary attacks on NATO bases in Germany and planning to liberate Rudolf Hess from Spandau Prison . The organisation was officially banned in 1983 by the Minister of the Interior.

Nazi writing

nazi writing


nazi writingnazi writingnazi writingnazi writing