Nhs essay sample

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The usefulness of patient satisfaction questionnaires since 1998 and their effectiveness has been enhanced by the adaptability of the questionnaires used.  Although the patient satisfaction questionnaires have not all being provided by the same companies they have all been approved by the Department of Health and the Healthcare Commission.  The availability of easily adaptable computer packages has greatly enhanced the adaptability of the patient satisfaction questionnaires.  It is possible for the Department of Health and the Healthcare Commission to have questionnaires as large or small, or as complicated or as simple as they want.  That adaptability means that they can build specific questionnaires at the request of the government as and when the need arises.  Patient satisfaction questionnaires have been able to provide more specific data on more specialised areas of healthcare provision when they have been carried out on specific groups of patients with common ailments or conditions, or on particular types of institutions within the National Health Service.  For instance there has so far been two specific patient satisfaction questionnaires concentrating on GPs or surgeries in 1998 and 2002.  A more recent and presently ongoing patient satisfaction questionnaire is the 2006 survey of patients that use institutions specialising in mental health problems.  The adaptable nature of patient satisfaction questionnaires has proven to be one of their greatest assets.  If one general questionnaire finds that a particular group of patients is markedly more dissatisfied than the rest of the patients questioned a further questionnaire can be organised to find more detailed data and information from such groups.  Similarly, if patients in a certain geographical area or attending a specific type of healthcare trust are less satisfied than other patients they too will be questioned in greater depth in subsequent patient satisfaction questionnaires (). 

Nhs essay sample

nhs essay sample


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