Observation essay introduction

Most state laws don't require taillights at night. Should they? I think so, but I admit that there are weaknesses in my reasoning. Sure, there are a lot of overtaking collisions. But the collisions haven't been studied in a manner that would tell us how many of them would be prevented by taillights (versus how many of them are due to drunk drivers or other such overriding dysfunction). I doubt Congress will fund such a study in the near future. ("Hey guys! We need a quarter mil to study how dangerous it is to ride a bike in heavy traffic at night without lights!")

Vygotksy (1966) also placed an importance of peer collaboration, as well as adult assistance in promoting the zone of proximal development, also known as the scaffolding process (Wood, Bruner, and Ross 1976). Scaffolding is very much used a teaching strategy and can be seen with 'C' and her classmates. The teacher demonstrated the letter 'O' and asked the children to copy both sound and movement, providing encouragement and reward when the task was done well. In this situation the teacher also split the task of recognising 'O' down - first explaining to the children, then asking the children to sound the letter out, before drawing on the whiteboard and asking the children to copy the writing action. 'C' was then asked to draw the letter on a piece of paper, using the technique previously used by the teacher. 'C' did this task well, suggesting the success of the scaffolding technique.

Children are capable of learning through their own constructions. This is made possible through the use of symbols. For example, . uses colors to depict the looks of objects in his environment. He has painted the car in a color that, according to him, represents their family car.  When asked, he actually stresses that the car is “daddy’s car”. This is what Berger referred to as “egocentrism” in his writing.  Although he may not be very accurate in his decoration of objects, this is a clear indication of advancement in cognitive skills development.

Observation essay introduction

observation essay introduction


observation essay introductionobservation essay introductionobservation essay introductionobservation essay introduction