Plague essay

The severe devastation to the European population from the two plagues may indicate that the people had no previous exposure or immunity to the plague's cause. Historian William Hardy McNeill asserts that the earlier Antonine Plague (166–180) and the Plague of Cyprian (251–270) were the first transfers from animal hosts to humanity of two different diseases, one of smallpox and one of measles although not necessarily in that order. The modern consensus prefers the theory that both outbreaks were of smallpox. [8] The symptoms described by ancient sources better match a viral disease such as a hemorrhagic fever like Ebola. [9]

When the epidemic ends, Cottard cannot cope. He begins randomly firing his gun into the street until he is captured by the police. Grand, having recovered from a bout of plague, vows to make a fresh start in life. Tarrou dies just as the epidemic is waning, but he battles with all his strength for his life, just as he helped Rieux battle for the lives of others. Rambert's wife joins him in Oran after the city gates are finally opened, but Dr. Rieux's own wife dies of a prolonged illness before she and her husband can be reunited. The public quickly returns to its old routine, but Rieux knows that the battle against the plague is never over because the bacillus microbe can lie dormant for years. The Plague is his chronicle of the scene of human suffering that all too many people are willing to forget.

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Plague essay

plague essay


plague essayplague essayplague essayplague essay