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There is an understanding that the stone will be taken to Westminister Abbey whenever needed for a British coronation.

Surname - last name, usually derived from the father.

~ Return to top of Glossary page ~ T ~ Scottish words Targe, Targaid ~ a Scottish word meaning target or shield, a weapon of war. With a spike attached in the center, and a dirk in hand, the two made a double slashing combination, that could be followed by the sword in the other hand.

Tartan ~ a woven fabric, of which kilts are made.

A Tartan identifies a clan, sometimes a clan has several tartans.

The Tartan is a symbol of Scotland, like the bagpipes.

Sett ~ the pattern of a tartan.

Military or Regimental Sett ~ to the stripe, a dominant color stripe is seen in the same place on each pleat.

To The Pleat Sett ~ the sett pattern is seen across the pleats.

Bumbee tartans ~ fabric woven to look like a tartan, but isn’t. Tartan Day ~ in the United Sates, April 6th is our National Tartan Day, designated to recognize the contributions that were made by Scottish-Americans to the development of the United States.

Tatties ~ potatoes, see neeps and tatties

Thareoot ~ out of doors.

Thigging ~ fowl feathers washed and saved for pillows and comforters. Possibly evolved into ‘ticking’, the stripped cotton fabric used to hold the feathers.

Thistle ~ the national flower of Scotland.
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Tonag Mhor, Tonnag ~ big shawl, woman's shoulder shawl, poncho.

Toon Green ~ town square.

Toorie ~ little pompom atop the Glengarry and Balmoral bonnets, often red, also a small tower.

Toorie Bunnet ~ another name for a tam o’ shanter.

Torq, torque, torc, muntorc ~ neckpiece, jewelry from ancient Celt times, of various metals, plain or woven, sometimes with knotwork designs and elaborate end caps.

Traa-dy-Liooar [Trah the looar] ~ Manx for "time enough", either an incitement to take things easier or as an insult for a lazy person. An equivalent of the Spanish "Mañana", but without the same sense of urgency.

Trews ~ tartan trousers, more like a pair of heavy tights with foot stirrups, worn for riding horseback.

Triubhas ~ trews, trousers.

Tryst, Tryste ~ an appointment to meet, a rendevous, a cattle market or fair, an engagement or betrothal.

~ Return to top of Glossary page ~ U ~ Scottish words Unicorn ~ a mythical animal, held in great reverence by the Celts, depicted with the body and head of a horse, hind legs of a stag, tail of a lion, and a single horn in the middle of the forehead.

Usquebagh also usquebaugh (oos-kew-baw) ~ water of life, Scotch whiskey. From the Gaelic uisce beatha which derived from the Medieval Latin aqua vitae .

W ~ Scottish words Waddin ~ wedding.

Washbacks ~ heather branches used to clean the fermentation stills. In a new still, bundles of heather would be boiled in water in the still to sweeten it before distillation began.

Weskit ~ vest

Whistle Benkie ~ itinerant musician,
piper, harper, or fiddler who plays at
weddings or gatherings for loose change
as payment.
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Wifie ~ wife.

Wuddie ~ a noose used on the dule trees and gallows.

End of Scottish Words Glossary, new Scottish words are being added regularly.

Posh words to use in english essays

posh words to use in english essays


posh words to use in english essaysposh words to use in english essaysposh words to use in english essaysposh words to use in english essays