Project work plan

250 delegates attended the Workshop , including representatives of more than 40 National Administrations.

During the day, four entities - 3GPP, DECT Forum, Korea IMT-2020 and China IMT-2020 – gave initial details of their technology submissions.

Both Korea and China indicated their willingness to submit proposals aligned with ‘3GPP 5G’, stating that their SDOs are actively engaged in 3GPP groups. The DECT Forum indicated that their solution (the ETSI DECT Standard) is focusing on mMTC and mission critical applications and is not aiming to cover the eMBB use case.

I have 10 years of IT experience and Engineering degree and I have worked for India, US and UK clients.
I have performed the different roles such as system Engineer, System Administrator, Analyst programmer, IT Analyst and Technical Lead in my tenure. I have involved in project management activities since 4+ years for multiple projects. Could you tell me that can I elligible for PMP exam?
If a 4500 hours of project management experience is mandatory for PMP then could you tell me how can i calculate it if I have worked on multiple project simultaneously.
Waiting for your reply!!

Project work plan

project work plan


project work planproject work planproject work planproject work plan