Purpose of a research paper

Chromatophore VR demo (VMD + Unreal Game Engine) shown in NVIDIA booth at SC'16
Example VMD VR/3-D YouTube videos
Chemical Visualization of Human Pathogens: the Retroviral Capsids , Finalist, SC'15 Viz. Showcase
Visualization of Energy Conversion Processes in a Light Harvesting Organelle at Atomic Detail , 1st Place Winner, SC'14 Viz. Showcase
VMD movie gallery on YouTube
Gallery of Posters, Images, and Movies made with VMD
VMD running in the NanoDome at Temple University

We are completely – and boldly – confident of one fact about PwC: to solve important problems we need diverse talent. That’s why we employ people from a vast array of backgrounds and with an equally wide range of experiences. This means they each think differently from one another, and apply varying approaches to problem solving. And we’re committed to helping every one of our people build a rewarding career and achieve their full potential. And with 48% of our workplace female, we are committed to gender as a priority diversity dimension across the PwC network.

Purpose of a research paper

purpose of a research paper


purpose of a research paperpurpose of a research paperpurpose of a research paperpurpose of a research paper