Reflection on nature essay

I want to qualify my review by noting that I'm a 21 year old man who was really intrigued by the notes in these reviews.

Upon first whiff, I was unimpressed. And frankly, I still am.

To me, and to put it most simply, this is just a more "posh" Burberry Touch for Men. That's all I can smell when I smell it. I've tried other Amouages and have yet to be disappointed by their compelling, complex, and intriguing scents. This is not the Amouage I know.

From powerhouses like Jubilation XXV and Interlude that have deep interest, Reflection is puddle deep by comparison.

Right now, the main accords are Woody, Aromatic, White Floral and finally powdery, in that order. To me, the first three are vastly overshadowed by just how powdery this fragrance is. Please make no mistake, Amouage Reflection Man is powdery fragrance. The remaining notes and accord don't take second stage, but I would go as far as suggesting "fourth stage" when discussing this fragrance, at least on me. They are subtle abstracts that may only be detectable when comparing this fragrance to an equally powdery fragrance.

I am a fan of Amouage but no fan of Reflection Man.

This is all to say that it's not a bad fragrance. In fact, it's quite good. I simply cannot see myself wearing it (artistic, young, photographer on the weekends, project estimator on the week days). It's not as "sharp" as Burberry Touch Man, but it's very similar. I'm surprised I haven't seen this comparison made more readily.

All in all, it's a good scent, but not what I expected of Amouage and certainly not what I expect for my scent. At this price, I expected more. It's very safe, and truth be told, not very interesting in my opinion.

Christ, however, is the new Adam.  At the beginning of his ministry in the Gospel of Matthew, we read, "When He had fasted 40 days and 40 nights, He became hungry."  Hunger is that state in which we realize our dependence on something else—when we face the ultimate question: "on what does my life depend?"  Satan tempted both Adam and Christ, saying: Eat, for your hunger is proof that you depend entirely on food, that your life is in food.   Adam believed and ate.  Christ said, "Man does NOT live by bread alone." (Mt. 4:4; Lk. 4:4)  This liberates us from total dependence on food, on matter, on the world.  Thus, for the Christian, fasting is the only means by which man recovers his true spiritual order for fasting to be effective, then, the spirit must be a part of it.  Christian fasting is not concerned with losing weight.  It is a matter of prayer and the spirit.   And because of that, because it is truly a place of the spirit, true fasting may well lead to temptation, and weakness and doubt and other words, it will be a real fight between good and evil, and very likely we shall fail many times in these battles.  But the very discovery of the Christian life as "fight" and "effort" is an essential aspect of fasting.

I am Chuck Eastman. I graduated from the University of Tennessee in Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design in 1975. I worked in the industry for a few years, and with my wife Judy pregnant with our first child, started our company in 1978. I began in landscape design and installation, with projects ranging from small yards to commercial complexes. Through the years our company installed retaining walls, pathways, walkways, landscaping, irrigation systems, seeding, and outdoor lighting throughout Tennessee. Our business was diversified among various different projects and tasks, but one thing was missing.

Reflection on nature essay

reflection on nature essay


reflection on nature essayreflection on nature essayreflection on nature essayreflection on nature essay