Research paper on drunk driving

Australian Government policy directed towards reducing the incidents of alcohol-related victimisation has been primarily concerned with regulatory responses that target entertainment precincts, licensed premises and liquor outlets (Loxley et al 2005). Licensed premises are a high risk setting for alcohol-related violence, with a significant proportion of assaults occurring in or within close proximity to hotels and nightclubs (Haines & Graham 2005). Drinking establishments have been linked (both as the location of assaults and for the consumption of alcohol) with much higher rates of alcohol-related aggression and violence, particularly among males, than any other setting (Poynton et al 2005; Teece & Williams 2000; Wells et al 2005). Australian research indicates that over 40 percent of all assaults occur in or around licensed premises (McIlwain & Homel 2009). Both patrons and staff of licensed premises are at heightened risk of becoming involved in a violent incident when compared to other locations (Graham & Homel 2008).

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Drunk driving is said to cost the United States more than $132 billion each year. Additionally, more than million Americans admitted to drunk driving in 2013, more than the entire population of Texas. Fortunately, drunk driving deaths have been cut in half in the United States since 1980, which many attribute to the founding of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which has consistently lobbied for more aggressive enforcement, including routine sobriety stops by police in the effort to identify intoxicated drivers and prevent another tragedy at the hands of drunk driving.

Research paper on drunk driving

research paper on drunk driving


research paper on drunk drivingresearch paper on drunk drivingresearch paper on drunk drivingresearch paper on drunk driving