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Third-graders could also try to tackle subjects such as recent wars, deforestation, laws regarding texting in cars, animal research or food safety. Homeschooling, violent video games, improving education, ending childhood obesity, whether soda or junk food should be banned from schools, kids and smoking, and dangers of drugs are also topics. While some of these may seem a bit beyond the scope of an 8- or 9-year-old child chances are they already have some knowledge and some opinions on the subjects. Allowing them to read on the topics at their grade level will likely engage them further in learning about the issues.

The Roman Emperor Constantine was the man who should be credited for putting Christianity onto a firm foundation. It was he who supported and accepted the importance of the texts of the gospels some 325 years after Christ had been sentenced to death by the Romans. However, what remains uncertain is if the gospels were once written in Hebrew and translated into Greek after Christ’s death before Constantine recognised their significance. One would expect them to have been originally written in Hebrew but they were written in Greek. This is an important question if Greek or Roman scholars did the translations.

Research papers da vinci code

research papers da vinci code


research papers da vinci coderesearch papers da vinci coderesearch papers da vinci coderesearch papers da vinci code