Rough draft for essay

Does this draft respond to the assignment (., persuasion of a  specific audience w/ appeals to  reason, character, emotion, and style where appropriate)? Explain. Identify the intended audience for the essay. How does the writer address the needs and interests of that particular audience?
What does the author want the audience to do? (This should be the writer’s goal or thesis statement.)
How does the writer convey this to the audience? What reasons/evidence does the writer use to persuade readers?
How does the writer organize the content of the essay? Do reasons and examples seem to be sequenced in a logical order?
Identify something the writer does particularly well.
Identify something the writer can do to improve the essay.
Has any obvious evidence/counter-evidence been overlooked?
Scrutinize each paragraph separately:          
 i.      What is the basic point?
 ii.      How does each paragraph relate to the essay's thesis?
 iii.      Should some paragraphs be further developed, condensed, combined, rearranged, or deleted? (If you "outline" each paragraph by briefly stating the main topic in the margins, that will help you answer these questions more effectively.)
 iv.      Is each sentence clearly related to the one preceding it--and the one that follows?
Last but not least: mechanics. Point out errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Point them out for the writer, but let the writer figure out what to do about it. Does the writer use at least two sources and is the essay in proper APA format?

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Rough draft for essay

rough draft for essay


rough draft for essayrough draft for essayrough draft for essayrough draft for essay