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I tied a blindfold around his eyes, placed all the ingredients on the counter in front of him as well as measuring cups. {we were in someone else’s house and he didn’t know his way around the kitchen…I know I was nice}  The blindfolded cookie process began. To my surprise he did a pretty good job and didn’t make too much of a mess.  This was actually the day that I realized I did have feelings for him. Here is a blast from the past picture that was taken after the blindfolded cookie experience.. he decided to dip me back and put flour all over my face. 🙂

Despite stating that he wished to continue playing for the Bears and work with Grossman, [2] the Bears did not express any interest in re-signing Blake. His contract with the team expired before the start of the 2006 NFL season . His position was filled by Kyle Orton, who was demoted after the Bears signed Brian Griese to serve as Grossman's back-up. At the conclusion of his fourteen-year career, Blake amassed 21,711 passing yards, with 134 touchdown passes, and 99 interceptions. A mobile quarterback, Blake ran for 2,027 career rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. He made 100 career starts.

In a late-season game against the Green Bay Packers , nose tackle Charles Martin grabbed McMahon from behind and body-slammed him to the ground (after McMahon had passed the ball for an interception and officials had turned their attention downfield). The incident happened at least two seconds after the pass was thrown, and with McMahon well out of the play. McMahon hit the frozen artificial turf at Soldier Field shoulder first, exacerbating an injury he was playing with. He briefly returned to the game, but it soon became apparent that he couldn't throw effectively, and he left the game for good in the third quarter. Martin was ejected from the game and suspended for two games — the first multi-game suspension for an on-field incident in modern NFL history — and McMahon was lost for the remainder of the season. Without McMahon, and despite finishing tied for the league's best record at 14–2, the Bears were unable to defend their Super Bowl championship and lost in the Divisional Playoff round to the Washington Redskins .

Sean eikenberg dissertation

sean eikenberg dissertation


sean eikenberg dissertationsean eikenberg dissertationsean eikenberg dissertationsean eikenberg dissertation