Shylock analysis essay

The main idea of each paragraph should be stated in a topic sentence. The topic sentence should appear as the first sentence in each paragraph. It directly supports your thesis statement, developing the ideas previewed in the introductory paragraph. It acts as a guidepost for your readers, making it easy to follow your discussion. Each detail in the paragraph should work to support or develop this topic sentence. Any details that do not support topic sentences should be revised, moved, or deleted.

Antonio has come home to Belmont with them and he feels responsible for the fights. To make up for it he promises his soul as a guarantee that Bassanio will be faithful to Portia. Portia accepts the offer of Antonio's soul and she gives him a ring to give to Bassanio. Turns out it's the original ring. Portia explains that she and Nerissa were the young lawyer and the clerk who rescued Antonio from Shylock. Also, she's got a letter that says some of Antonio's ships have come home with cash after all. The play ends with happiness for most of the characters in the play—all except Shylock.

Shylock analysis essay

shylock analysis essay


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