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This list is good but is missing a couple of fundamental things….
1. Using tools in general to make simple repairs is important…so add hammer, screw driver, pliers.
2. Doing laundry not just removing stains is vital to self-reliance.
3. Computer skills in general but specifically being able to navigate across all types of media using a wide variety of devices…you just never know what you might have to improvise with to get the information, print something out or apply for a job.
4. Using public transportation….many many countries and lots of big cities don’t rely on personal cars but on busses and trains.
5. How to sleep anywhere…if you require very specific sleeping conditions it might be difficult to travel, be sick in a different city or country or be a good house guest.

Just remember: Whether you discovered a leecher or not, you should still use WPA2-AES encryption, and tackle other wireless router setup essentials . If, for some reason, you want to run an open wireless network or have to use WEP because some devices (., the Nintendo DS) won’t work over WPA, your best bet is to add a new, separate and secured wireless network for important stuff and only open the unsecured one for guests and WEP-only devices when needed (you can also get a router that broadcasts a separate wireless signal for guests only).

Someone to do my assignment

someone to do my assignment


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