Special interest groups essays

Special Interest Groups are headed by a Committee composed of a Coordinator, a, two Deputies (one of whom will be the Coordinator-Elect), the Past Coordinator, a young member and where relevant a basic science officer whose main residence is in Europe. All the members of the Steering Committees, including the basic science officer should have their residence in Europe. If needed, one so called International advisor may be added to the Steering Committee after election . Both the basic science officer and the International Advisor are selected by the Steering Committee. Their position will last for two years and can be renewed for another two-year term. Neither the basic science officer nor the International Advisor can become a Special Interest Group Coordinator.

A young deputy is defined as someone younger than 35 with a proven interest in the Special Interest Group’s topic as indicated by a reference letter by his/her supervisor. His/her task is especially dedicated – in collaboration with the Steering Committee – to those activities that are typically directed to young people with the aim of attracting them to join the Special Interest Groups.

The appointment and the terms of office of the Special Interest Group Steering Committees are as follows: 

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Special interest groups essays

special interest groups essays


special interest groups essaysspecial interest groups essaysspecial interest groups essaysspecial interest groups essays