Thesis credit management pdf

The industrial organizational psychology graduate program emphasizes the application of psychological science to enhance the performance and well-being of people in organizations. This program will prepare you to develop assessments of people for selection and placement into jobs, effective training programs, strategies for organizational development, measurement of performance, and ways to promote quality of work-life. Students receive a strong core foundation in industrial and organizational psychology as well as statistics and research methods.

Prerequisites: Grade of C or higher in CNMG 3347 and 4321. The major portion of the course is composed of selected geotechnical aspects of foundation design, including both shallow and deep foundations. Topics include: ultimate bearing capacity, allowable bearing capacity, consolidation settlement of shallow foundations, pile foundations for bearing and friction piles, lateral earth pressure and retaining wall design, foundation design on difficult soils, and specialty soil improvement and ground modification. Two hours lecture. Two hours lab. Three credit hours. Spring only.

The intensive research component will expose you to statistics and research methodology that is both applicable to the workplace and good preparation for a doctoral program. Students have the option to select the Graduate Capstone Project or Thesis option, which will provide the opportunity to explore a real-world safety and/or health problem, applying your new knowledge to develop a workable solution. The thesis option provides for a more rigorous analysis of occupational safety and health problems and is best suited for students planning to pursue doctorate degrees and management positions, or who are seeking to enhance their research skills.

Thesis credit management pdf

thesis credit management pdf


thesis credit management pdfthesis credit management pdfthesis credit management pdfthesis credit management pdf