Thesis on hiv stigma

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“I went with Khom and her friend to walk along the banks of the Mekong river. Families were having picnics under the trees in the sweltering heat. Children were playing on the nearby swings, and vendors were selling cooked meat and cold drinks from carts. Everyone I asked knew exactly what katheoys were. Many people described them as a "third" gender. One or two people frowned when they saw Khom and her friend pass. One man said he would rather not talk to katheoys. But most people seemed sympathetic. "It’s their nature, they were born that way. They can’t help it," shrugged one middle-aged man. I asked one man how he would feel if his son was katheoy. "I’d be disappointed," he said. "But I’d learn to live with it. It’s not something you can change." Khom hopes for greater tolerance. "I just want to be accepted," she told me, "and not separated from the rest of society." \-\

Thesis on hiv stigma

thesis on hiv stigma


thesis on hiv stigmathesis on hiv stigmathesis on hiv stigmathesis on hiv stigma