Tips for writing critical lens essay

Review Goals Daily . Writing your goals and then setting them aside to collect dust wont do much. It is important to review your goals daily, or weekly if you are too busy. When I wake up every morning, I take a look through my goal list as I check my email. Only take 10 seconds to skim it. Think as I brush my teeth what I could do that day to help achieve that goal. Also, when you lay in bed trying to fall asleep, mentally go through your goals and think about 3 things you have done recently that have helped you in one area, and 3 things that you would like to do soon to help you get closer to achieving your goals.

A sociologist and advisor to many graduate students, Sternberg focuses on moving the student from ABD to . His chapters explore topic selection, filing systems, proposal-writing, research, writing, committee relations, “the Dissertation Dumps,” the defense, and the post-defense uses of the dissertation. Sternberg does strike somewhat of a balance between the “buck up” school that says “Just write the thing and quite whining” and the sympathetic school that is inclined to tell you “it’s okay,” hold your hand, and validate your feelings. On the whole, his suggestions tend to center around developing a plan for completion and adhering to it despite doubts, rather than exploring the doubts themselves in great depth. Some of his advice may seem dated. For example, in discussing sexism, he writes “deep-rooted sexism is still a fact of graduate university structure and hierarchy” that can be “exploited by a woman.” He concludes that the “feminist ABD has to suspend her struggle for that ongoing cause during the two years of the dissertation struggle.” (p. 150)

My favorite is number two. Knowing that there is nothing wrong with having two different novels from two different genres going at the same time actually helps especially when you feel bogged down in one and feel stuck you can go to another and this gives you a chance to come back and look at the issue of the previous novel with a fresh view and see something you missed or if you need to do research then at least you are still writing and not feel guilty because you feel like you wasted a lot of time that could have been spent writing. Thanks for this great advice.

Tips for writing critical lens essay

tips for writing critical lens essay


tips for writing critical lens essaytips for writing critical lens essaytips for writing critical lens essaytips for writing critical lens essay