Undergraduate economics dissertations

At UCT, as at universities all over the world, enrolments in economics classes are growing rapidly. An undergraduate degree in economics not only prepares you for entrance into the world of business, finance and management, but also provides an excellent background for those entering into the field of agricultural economics, international trade, the environment, public policy, education and health. Many economists trained at UCT have taken up managerial positions in the manufacturing, agricultural, mining, banking and financial sectors, and in several public enterprises and state departments.

"I teach introductory of the skills I teach is how to evaluate the current data to see how the economy is doing and where it is expected to go. I am able to do this because of years of research using macroeconomic data. Also, since it usually takes years for the latest research findings to make their way to undergraduate textbooks, I keep students up-to-date on the latest research findings. I also give them insight into why policy-makers are pursuing particular policies. For example, I have known the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke since I was a graduate student and am well-acquainted with his research. Thus, I can explain to students why the Fed responds so vigorously to credit problems. In a nutshell, the advantage of having active researchers teach undergraduates is that they can take the students far 'beyond the textbook'."

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Undergraduate economics dissertations

undergraduate economics dissertations


undergraduate economics dissertationsundergraduate economics dissertationsundergraduate economics dissertationsundergraduate economics dissertations