Us naval academy essays

In this era, ships larger than light cruisers were rare: the flagship of Xim the Despot , the Eibon Scimitar , was considered gargantuan in its time, but military historians during the Imperial Period generally agreed that it would be considered a heavy cruiser at best under the Anaxes War College System. [22] Wars in this era were fought across networks of jump beacons. Significant conflicts of this early era of space warfare included the Cronese Sweeps , the Expansionist Wars of Xim's empire , Xim's final war with the Hutt Empire , and the Unification Wars that founded the Galactic Republic . [23]

Today ships are significantly faster than in former times, thanks to much improved propulsion systems. Also, the efficiency of the engines has improved, in terms of fuel, and of how many sailors it takes to operate them. In World War II, ships needed to refuel very often. However, today ships can go on very long journeys without refueling. Also, in World War II, the engine room needed about a dozen sailors to work the many engines, however, today, only about 4–5 are needed (depending on the class of the ship). Today, naval strike groups on longer missions are always followed by a range of support and replenishment ships supplying them with anything from fuel and munitions, to medical treatment and postal services. This allows strike groups and combat ships to remain at sea for several months at a time.

Us naval academy essays

us naval academy essays


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