Void watermark paper

Array of 256 NULL -terminated strings that are the glyph names in encoding order. See the discussion of character names in the PostScript Language Reference Manual . If outEncVec is NULL , the platform's default encoding vector is used. For non-UNIX Roman systems, it is WinAnsiEncoding on Windows and MacRomanEncoding on Mac OS. On UNIX (except HP-UX) Roman systems, it is ISO8859-1 (ISO Latin-1); for HP-UX, it is HP-ROMAN8 . See Appendix D in the PDF Reference for descriptions of WinAnsiEncoding , MacRomanEncoding , and PDFDocEncoding . Use this parameter with outEncInfo . See outEncInfo for more information.

Why Check Owners Should Be Concerned..

Attempted check fraud has DOUBLED in the past two years

Check Owners CAN be held liable for losses
(Courts now widely uphold the Uniform Commercial Code - UCC, with regard to check fraud. A company must show "ordinary care/due diligence" (reasonable document protection) or it can be held liable!

Void watermark paper

void watermark paper


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