What should i write my dissertation on

My long haired German shepherd rescue, around 80lb, we think now around 7/8 years old. We actually think he might be older though as legs starting to go. Anyway, he’s had chronic diarrhoea for a while and we’ve been to and from vets. Fine in himself, wants to play, excitable etc. Still eating lots. Antibiotics didn’t work. Blood test showed bit low in b12 so had his first jab last Thursday, I have 3 more to give him over coming weeks, once a week, 2ml in each syringe, on his body above his front leg. At same time we also stopped using tap water and moved to bottled water. Water has been only common thing as no treats etc. He’s also on Royal Canin sensitive control dry food (which he loves!).
Friday night he had his first solid poo and has been solid since. I don’t think vitamins work that quickly (?), or within 24 hrs, so has to be water! I’m sharing this in case anyone else has similar. He’s always had same tap water but his stomach just changed(?!).

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I had a pretty strong idea of the traits of the various aliens. I knew the Cara’ot were master traders, and genetic engineers. I knew the Isanjo were functionally high steel workers, the Flutes are highly skilled in mathematics. Truthfully I cheated a bit though I’m going to have to address this in book four since I have an alien view point character. Because the aliens are a conquered people their own religions, cultural norms, etc. have been suppressed by their human rulers. Most of them claim to worship human gods, particularly the Christian god, they don’t have to accept the limits female participation in business because they are considered less than, but in most ways they try to ape their conquerors. It’s just safer that way.

What should i write my dissertation on

what should i write my dissertation on


what should i write my dissertation onwhat should i write my dissertation onwhat should i write my dissertation onwhat should i write my dissertation on